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Katy Song, CFP®

Describe your perfect day?
Going to the beach with my family and my golden retriever Toby, lots of sunshine, eating good food and going for a run!

What do you most like about your job?
Helping people discover their core values and creating a financial life plan that aligns with their goals.

Surprise us, something we don’t know about you?

I recently completed my first Marathon in March of 2024!

How long have you worked in Financial Services?

15+ years

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MBA from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business
B.A. in Global Economics from the University of California
CFP® certification


Investment, Budgeting, Retirement Planning, and Families and Couples.


Katy previously owned a successful financial planning business, was a consultant at SoFi, held leadership positions within Citi’s Corporate and Investment Banking Division, and more. This diverse experience allows her to offer a comprehensive wealth of knowledge about money management for different situations and at all stages of life.


With over 15 years of expertise, Katy specializes in empowering couples and families with young children to manage their money smarter and live their best lives. As Chief Financial Planner at Domain Money, Katy is dedicated to helping clients stress less about finances and embrace the lifestyle they want by sharing judgment-free financial guidance and clear, simple advice tailored to their life’s milestones. She also offers ongoing coaching sessions to support and help clients stay on track toward their financial goals and take care of all the to-do’s they never get around to.

Outside of work, Katy can be found exploring the world, running by the ocean, and indulging in quality family time.

Financially Fearless: A Tech Mom's Money Guide
By Katy Song
Financially A Tech Mom's Guide to Money takes you on a journey of discovering what matters most to you and how to best use your financial resources to live the life you want. Detailed discussions on how to optimize your balance sheet, master your cash flow, and save and invest with intent, and check your To Do's off your list are paired with client stories to give you real world examples on how this type of financial planning can change your life. This definitive guide covers everything you need as a mom on how to balance all the financial balls you juggle and enjoy the process. Remember... time is finite. Your money is not.
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Clients love Katy
Hear from people who have changed their financial lives

Katy listened to us, was clear with what we should/could do, encouraged us, and also made us laugh.


Personal and knowledgeable advice.
All questions were answered well and backed up by sound reasoning.


Katy was fantastic to work with. She truly listened to all our goals in our first meeting to put a financial plan together that covered everything we asked for. Katy has an exceptional ability to dumb things down for her clients in a way that never makes you feel like you’re asking dumb questions. I look forward to using Domain Money for all future financial planning and would highly recommend to all my family and friends.


Katy is the person I had been looking for.  It was an amazing experience.  She is professional, empathetic, thorough, kind, thoughtful. A great experience and I cannot say enough positive things. A very positive experience. Perfect. I’ll refer everybody I know to her.


We are new to personal finance and only just now in a position to even think about saving and investing. Katy offered packages that were perfect for where we are in our personal finance journey. She helped us understand the recommendations she was making so we also learned along the way. She even broke up her recommendations into bite-size steps so we didn't feel overwhelmed and could actually start taking the steps to a stronger financial future. We are already seeing the benefits of her guidance and look forward to working with Katy and her team as we grow our family's financial security.


Katy is an incredible financial resource, even for people that are already financially savvy. We’ve worked with Katy for years- she helped develop a framework and plan for saving and investing that helps us meet our financial (and life!) goals. Actually- the process of working with Katy helped our family clarify those goals to begin with. Katy is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. She just gets it - 10/10 would recommend!


We have worked with Katy for several years and value the original plan she developed, as well as all of the fine-tuning over the years. Katy is the best!


My husband and I have worked with Katy for years and she is the absolute BEST. She helped us create a strategy to meet our short-term and long-term financial goals and is always available to answer questions and talk us through new situations that arise. I'm not as financially savvy as my husband, but she is so approachable and makes it all so easy to understand. Added bonus, she is so funny and personable, making every meeting a pleasure. I can't recommend Katy enough.


I highly recommend Katy and Domain Money. She has been instrumental in helping our family assess our financial health and make strategic changes to better prepare us for retirement, education and other financial goals. She is an excellent communicator and a highly strategic thinker. Both my husband and I have financial services experience at top firms and agree Katy is one of the best. We continue to reference our strategic plan a year after it was prepared, and get tremendous value in quarterly check-ins with her. We highly recommend working with Katy!


We've had a fantastic experience with Katy Song. She helped us with a detailed and deep analysis of our finances in a way that remained actionable and easy to understand. She is incredibly responsive, always ready to answer questions and provide clarity. In addition to being knowledgeable, she is exceptionally personable, making every meeting enjoyable. We highly recommend her services to anyone looking to gain control of their financial future.


We have been working with Katy for about 5 years now and it has been the absolute best decision we've ever made. It was incredibly helpful to see all of our finances presented in her report and when she explains it all so clearly it's just so reassuring. We had been trying to buy a house for several years in a very competitive market. After we started working with Katy we were much more confident and finally able to make it happen without overstretching ourselves. We continue to have check-ins as needed for all kinds of questions, from stock and investment allocations, to college 529 plans, to retirement and she's very knowledgeable and responsive. As others have said she's extremely easy to talk to, honest, and straightforward. We've already recommended her several times to our friends and family.


Katy is tremendous. She's changed the way we think about finances, budgeting, saving and spending. And she's a joy to work with. Don't know what we would do without her!


We worked with Katy at Domain Money and highly recommend working with her. She spends time analyzing our finances and produces an easy to implement strategy based off our goals. She is super approachable and helpful with any questions or concerns. We feel very comfortable with her and know that she is there to guide us with any financial changes that life may bring.


I had procrastinated for a long time to take care of my finances and have solid plan, mainly because of lack of deep knowledge and the thought that it would take way too much time. I am so glad I talked to Katy and wish I had done it 5 years before I did. The whole experience was a lot easier than what I was dreading in my head.


I have had an excellent experience working with Katy Song! She has been our sage voice of financial reason since 2014. Katy is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. We have completely appreciated her straightforward communication style and her financial acumen. Thanks to our bi annual meetings with Katy we feel confident that we are on the right track for college and retirement savings.


Katy is an easy person to talk to, realistic about specific lifestyle needs, and crafty to find unique ways to save money, get out of debt, and is very thorough and organized about ways to curb spending.


Katy helped my husband and I get clarity on our financial situation by facilitating meaningful discusses that helped us set realistic goals. I am forever grateful to her for her straight talk. Highly recommend Katie to anyone who doesn't know where to start.


Katy provided really excellent advice, which she took the time carefully to explain. She was very responsive to our questions, and gave us the tools to feel more confident about our strategy moving forward. Katy's service was a FANTASTIC value, especially compared to an advisor who charges a percentage of AUM. We will definitely continue to use Katy's services moving forward, and will definitely recommend her to friends and family.


Working with Katy was an excellent experience. We dug into our savings, expenses, college planning and retirement planning. She was very straight forward and unbiased in her assessment and advice. We will continue to work with her.


Katy is a rockstar, down to earth financial planner. She worked with us before our first child was born in getting organized and streamlined with our big picture finances. With her guidance, in less than a year, our net worth increased by 8%! She's very flexible with meetings and even made house calls because of our young baby. I'm a financial coach and have recommended her services to many local clients. Can't say enough about how grateful I am to have found Katy through the Southern Marin Mother's Club.


Katy Song was exactly who my wife and I were looking for. She's a fee-only financial advisor that was able to create a detailed plan for us that gave us peace of mind as we embarked on purchasing our first home. She's down to earth and able to simply convey complex concepts so that you're able to understand your entire financial picture with ease. We did her one-page plan and it was the exact level of detailed that we craved. I've recommended her to friends who also had a great experience.

These testimonials are from current clients of Domain Money Advisors, LLC (Domain). No compensation (non-cash or otherwise) was provided in exchange for these testimonials. Domain does not have any material conflict of interest with the persons giving these testimonials.

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