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Adrianna Adams, CFP®

Describe your perfect day?
Boating on Lake Erie with family, sunshine, music, beach and a charcuterie board.

What do you most like about your job?
Giving people the knowledge and confidence to achieve their life goals.

Surprise us, something we don’t know about you?

I exclusively write in capital letters and am a serial color coder!

How long have you worked in Financial Services?

8+ years

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Bachelor's degree in Financial Planning from the University of Akron
CFP® certification


Investment, Budgeting, Retirement Planning, Combining Finances, and Home Ownership


Before joining Domain Money, Adrianna was a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley, overseeing investment-driven strategies and portfolios for around 100 clients. She also provided financial planning expertise to over 600 households and 1000 clients, including younger next-gen clientele. She was also at NCA Financial Planners and AXA Advisors, LLC.


Cleveland native Adrianna has spent her entire career empowering individuals through financial planning. Prior to joining Domain Money in 2023, she honed her expertise at NCA Financial Planners and Morgan Stanley. She is passionate about translating complicated financial conceptions into goal-oriented and personalized solutions. Adrianna received her Bachelor's degree in Financial Planning from the University of Akron with her CFP® certification. 

Beyond the office, Adrianna loves book club, spending time with her husband and sisters, playing darts or pool and 
boating on Lake Erie in the summertime.

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Clients love Adrianna
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“My favorite piece of it was working with Adrianna. She's very hands on and helpful…she puts it in a very easy to see way for me to check things off the list and just get them done.”

- Jake O.

“Adrianna gave me short list of simple goals to focus on. This was so helpful! Adrianna is amazing! All of the immediate questions I had were acknowledged and answered. I feel like I’m working toward creating a sustainable financial plan without feeling overwhelmed.”

- Patrick C.

“Adrianna was super helpful and insightful.”

- Jeffrey A.

“Adrianna seemed thorough and caring. She outlined next steps and gave me homework.”

- Jen T.

“Adrianna is extremely knowledgeable and provided great new ideas for streamlining my finances. I couldn't be happier with her assistance.”

- Rachel M.

“Adrianna was very personable and knowledgable. She made my wife and I feel at ease using the platform and feel confident in her ability to help us with our finances.”

- Joshua D.

These testimonials are from current clients of Domain Money Advisors, LLC (Domain). No compensation (non-cash or otherwise) was provided in exchange for these testimonials. Domain does not have any material conflict of interest with the persons giving these testimonials.

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