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Most advisors charge a percentage of the money they manage for you — known as an “Asset Under Management” (AUM) fee. AUM fees typically range from 0.25–1.5%. With the AUM model the more your money grows the more you pay.

We don’t charge AUM fees, we charge a flat fee — use this tool to see which is best for you.

With Domain Money you’ll be $171,694 better off*.
Future value with Domain Money
Future value with competitor
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The calculator provided on this page is for illustrative purposes only and any results it provides are hypothetical in nature and may not reflect future performance. The calculation used is a simple future value estimate of investments based on a constant return rate and a predefined period. The future value calculation in the Domain Money scenario reduces the current portfolio value by $2,500, $4,500, or $7,500 based on the plan chosen, One Page, Strategic, or Comprehensive, respectively. The Domain Money scenario also reduces the amount of projected annual contributions by $500 divided by three (3) as we expect some clients to want to have their plans updated every three years. Thus for example, when choosing One-Page plan, the current portfolio value will be reduced by $2,500 and the yearly contributions will be reduced by $500 divided by 3 or $166.67. The Traditional RIA scenario assumes an annual 1% assets under management fee which reduces the the annual return by that amount. The Facet scenario reduces the currently portfolio value and each subsequent annual contribution by $2,400 without changing the return rate. The Charles Schwab scenario assumes an annual 0.5% assets under management fee which reduces the the annual return by that amount as well as a flat $360 annual fee which reduces the annual contributions. The default 8% return is based on the average S&P 500 return rate of 10% between 1926 and 2022 and an 2% inflation adjustment for a real return of 8%.

How Do We Compare?

Cost Structure
No Minimum Investment
Price Range
No Annual Fees
Yearly Cost
CFP® Professionals
Flexibility to keep your investments in any account
One-time, up front fee
One-time fee
of $2,500–$7,500
Your own dedicated
CFP® professional
Recurring annual membership fee
$2,400–$8,000 Per Year
Your own dedicated
CFP® professional
% of Assets under 
management (AUM)
$300 initial planning fee,
$30 per month after plus fund fees
$560–$7,360 on portfolios of $250,000–$1,000,000
No dedicated advisor but access to a team of
CFP® professionals
% of Assets under 
management (AUM)
Ongoing fees, typically 1%+
$2,500–$10,000 on portfolios of $250,000–$1,000,000
Depends on the firm
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