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Turning your real estate dreams into reality starts with a plan. Whether you're searching for your perfect home or navigating the rental market, Domain empowers you to make informed decisions every step of the way.
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Make smarter real estate moves
Avoid costly surprises and navigate the process with confidence. Our expert guidance helps you understand the market, identify potential pitfalls, and make well-informed decisions at every step. Whether it's negotiating the right price or understanding closing costs, we'll ensure you're fully equipped for real estate success.
Stress less
Avoid costly surprises and navigate the process with peace of mind. Our expertise helps you understand the market and make informed decisions.
Get ahead with strategic planning
Don't just react to the market, get ahead of it. Our strategic planning helps you identify trends, anticipate opportunities, and make informed decisions that put you in a winning position.
Maximize your equity
Get more from your property. Strategies to boost rental income, unlock value through renovations, or sell for top dollar.
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Estimated closing costs
Your recommended budget should be a comfortable fit within your overall finances. You should aim to keep housing expenses below 28% of your monthly gross income. If you have additional debts, your housing expenses and those debts should not exceed 36% of your monthly gross income.
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This calculator uses a a debt to income ratio based on stated risk appetite and adjusts it to take into account any existing debt. The ratio is then applied on the monthly income and adjusted it to take into account a national average cost of property tax (1.04%), home insurance (0.70%), and mortgage insurance (0.94%) to come up with a monthly payment maximum. Using the calculated monthly payment, term, and interest rate, a loan amount is calculated and adjusted to home value of loan amount plus down payment. Since the average cost of property tax and home insurance are based on home value and the and mortgage insurance on the loan amount, the maximum monthly payment is calculated recursively as they depend on each other. Mortgage insurance is only added in case where down payment is less than 20% of home value. Averages collected in March, 2024 and may differ significantly depending on state and insurance provider. Closing cost estimate is a mid point of 4% based on a 2%-6% national average and is not included in the calculation.
Clear answers about your home
Our team can help with questions you may have about renting, buying, selling, mortgages, tax credits and more.
Plan your life, live your way. Make informed decisions that put your goals first with our holistic planning process. Plus, a dedicated advisor is always on hand to answer questions, giving you peace of mind to live life on your terms.
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Our focus is your financial well being. We don't push you to buy products, we only provide unbiased expert advice.
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Adrianna did a fantastic job and went into great detail on what exactly I need to do to achieve my goals, and even highlighted different scenarios. I will be recommending Adrianna and Domain Money to everybody!


We had really great and enjoyable conversations that led to a valuable and actionable plan we feel ownership of.


Adrianna is a pleasure to work with and produced high quality information with an actionable one page summary.


Brian was encouraging, thorough, and understanding of my specific situation.


Working with Katy was an excellent experience. We dug into our savings, expenses, college planning and retirement planning. She was very straight forward and unbiased in her assessment and advice. We will continue to work with her.


Great communication. Easy to work with. Super informative.


Katy is an easy person to talk to, realistic about specific lifestyle needs, and crafty to find unique ways to save money, get out of debt, and is very thorough and organized about ways to curb spending.


Katy is tremendous. She's changed the way we think about finances, budgeting, saving and spending. And she's a joy to work with. Don't know what we would do without her!


We have worked with Katy for several years and value the original plan she developed, as well as all of the fine-tuning over the years. Katy is the best!

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"Honestly, I was blown away."
-Rachael Millanta, Nov. 8, 2023