When Can You Afford to Retire?

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What is the total value you own today? This helps us understand your current financial standing.
How old you are today? This helps us to understand how much time you have to save for retirement.
When do you dream of kicking back and relaxing in retirement?
How much money do you plan to invest each year towards your retirement? Be honest with what you can comfortability afford to save.
This is the estimated average annual return you expect on your investments. The default value we use is 8%, which represents a typical market return over a long period.
Inflation shrinks buying power. We default to 2.5% average inflation to ensure your savings last. You can adjust for a more customized view.
Imagine your ideal retirement lifestyle. How much would you spend each year in today's dollars to live comfortably?

If you retire at 0 you can live off your wealth until you are 0


This plan focuses on achieving an early retirement, which sounds fantastic!  But based on your current inputs, it might not provide enough funds to cover your living expenses for your entire retirement. Remember, retirement can be a marathon, not a sprint, and you want your savings to keep pace.

Let's chat and see if we can tweak your strategy for a longer runway.

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You've chosen a balanced approach, which is a smart start for retirement planning!  Based on your current inputs, your plan offers a solid runway.  However, retirement can last 20+ years, and unforeseen events can impact your expenses.

Let's chat and see if we can tweak your strategy to stretch those funds even further and ensure a secure, worry-free retirement.

Consider a free strategy session with a Domain advisor!


Excellent! This plan prioritizes security and could see you comfortably through your golden years.

Feeling confident? Great! If you ever have questions or want to explore ways to potentially boost your returns, we're always here to chat.

The calculator assumes a steady rate of return and inflation rate to estimate asset value appreciation and future living expenses adjustments. It assumes that at the retirement age, no more income is earned besides the return on the assets accumulated. This calculator is for information purposes only and shall not constitute financial or tax advice. Investing comes with inherent risks and you should always invest within your means and risk tolerance. Past performance is not an indication of future returns and you should always consult a financial advisor prior to making investment decisions.