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Mitchell Kotheimer, CFP®

Describe your perfect day?
Hiking or skiing, spending time with family, reading and eating a good meal.

What do you most like about your job?
Helping people become more financially literate and make life changing decisions.

Surprise us, something we don’t know about you?

I built a log cabin from scratch on my grandparent’s property in Ohio!

How long have you worked in Financial Services?

5+ years

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Bachelor’s degree from John Carroll University
CFP® certification


Investment, Budgeting, Retirement Planning, and Relationship Building


Mitch began his career at Sequoia Financial Group, learning from seasoned advisors with 10-20 year client relationships. Witnessing the positive impact these advisors had on their clients' lives sparked Mitch's passion for long-term financial planning. He honed his skills by initially assisting senior advisors, then progressively taking on a larger role in client meetings and eventually managing his own portfolio. Primarily focused on retirees, pre-retirees, and mid-career professionals, his experience spans equity and fixed income investment strategies. Notably, Mitch navigated a company acquisition during his tenure, gaining valuable insights into the broader financial industry.


Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Mitch has dedicated his career to holistic financial planning within the independent RIA space. Prior to Domain Money, Mitch worked at Sequoia Financial Group. He has a passion for understanding the clients’ core values, guiding them to align their financial life with personal and professional goals. Mitch received his Bachelor’s degree from John Carroll University where he also played outside back for the men’s soccer team. Outside of work, Mitch enjoys working out, watching sports, skiing, spending time on various outdoor projects, and volunteering with a local charity that provides adaptive sports to young people with physical disabilities. He also enjoys reading books about psychology and keeping up with investment and economic news!

Mitch is passionate about sharing financial knowledge by boiling down the complex industry jargon to help his clients feel confident. He wants to help people sift through the nonsense and noise to make financial decisions that are best fit for their personal goals.

Meet with Mitchell
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- Tanmay G.

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