Comprehensive Estate Planning

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Imagine a roadmap that empowers you to leave a lasting legacy. Your money, keepsakes, and property go exactly where you want them, ensuring the people and causes you cherish are cared for.  At Domain, we believe everyone deserves this peace of mind.
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Less stress, more peace of mind
Life throws curveballs. Marriage, children, divorce, even moving – these moments can all impact your estate plan. Keeping your loved ones secure shouldn't be stressful. Domain takes the complexity out of estate planning, so you can focus on what truly matters.
Explore our resources and discover the essentials of estate planning. Understand what documents you need to protect your family's future.
We'll help you choose the right documents for your unique situation – from wills and trusts to healthcare directives and powers of attorney.
Life changes, and your plan should too. We'll guide you through updates as your life evolves and legal requirements shift.
Don't leave your legacy to chance
Estate planning planning gives you the power to decide:
Even if you're young and living it up, or haven't quite built your castle yet, an estate plan is your magic key to peace of mind. It's not about fancy houses or vast riches; it's about making sure the people and causes you love are taken care of, no matter what.
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__Who inherits your hard-earned assets?
__Who makes healthcare choices if you can't?
__Who cares for your loved ones, including furry friends?
__To minimize legal complexities and emotional burdens for your family.
__Guarantee a smooth and efficient transfer of assets.
How Domain Money works
Our flat-fee model means no assets under management (AUM) fees and no commissions.
Our focus is your financial well being. We don't push you to buy products, we only provide unbiased expert advice.
We're so confident you'll love Domain Money, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked.
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People love our approach
Hear what real clients have to say.

Adrianna did a fantastic job and went into great detail on what exactly I need to do to achieve my goals, and even highlighted different scenarios. I will be recommending Adrianna and Domain Money to everybody!


We had really great and enjoyable conversations that led to a valuable and actionable plan we feel ownership of.


Adrianna is a pleasure to work with and produced high quality information with an actionable one page summary.


Brian was encouraging, thorough, and understanding of my specific situation.


Working with Katy was an excellent experience. We dug into our savings, expenses, college planning and retirement planning. She was very straight forward and unbiased in her assessment and advice. We will continue to work with her.


Great communication. Easy to work with. Super informative.


Katy is an easy person to talk to, realistic about specific lifestyle needs, and crafty to find unique ways to save money, get out of debt, and is very thorough and organized about ways to curb spending.


Katy is tremendous. She's changed the way we think about finances, budgeting, saving and spending. And she's a joy to work with. Don't know what we would do without her!


We have worked with Katy for several years and value the original plan she developed, as well as all of the fine-tuning over the years. Katy is the best!

These testimonials are from current clients of Domain Money Advisors, LLC (Domain). No compensation (non-cash or otherwise) was provided in exchange for these testimonials. Domain does not have any material conflict of interest with the persons giving these testimonials.

"Honestly, I was blown away."
-Rachael Millanta, Nov. 8, 2023