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The best financial advice, without judgement.

Our advisors trained at places like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citibank and BlackRock, but they also possess a deep empathy and understanding of how to help early to mid career professionals and those closer to retirement take control of their financial lives and empower them with the tools to reach their full potential.

Each of our advisors is a CFP® professional, the highest standard of care in the industry.  By virtue of our flat-fee model, we receive no compensation for the products you choose, so our advisors are focused only on providing the best unbiased advice to our clients.

Our advisors know that good financial planning can lead to owning a home sooner, retiring early or even taking a year off. More than experts, they are partners in your financial journey. 

Meet the brilliant advisors at Domain Money.

"Katy Song was exactly who my wife and I were looking for. She's a fee-only financial advisor that was able to create a detailed plan for us that gave us peace of mind as we embarked on purchasing our first home."

"Adrianna is extremely knowledgeable and provided great new ideas for streamlining my finances. I couldn't be happier with her assistance."

"Brian is amazing. I love him! Knowledgeable, honest, helpful, and gave advice based on what's best for his clients, not what he thinks they want to hear."

"All of the immediate questions I had were acknowledged and answered. I feel like I’m working toward creating a sustainable financial plan."

How are we different from other advisors?

We don’t / require that you move your assets to Domain
We don’t / push you to buy products
We don’t / charge assets under management (AUM) fees
We don’t / get compensated based on your products, so we are completely unbiased in our advice
We don’t / have minimums
We don’t / judge, ever

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